Kick in the Face

There are few worse ways to be woken up than with a kick in the face. Maybe getting your ribs stomped on, or having a police baton rammed into your kidneys, or copping a jet of freezing water in your eyes. Those are all pretty ordinary, but I reckon a kick in the face wins … More Kick in the Face

Out of the Woods

There is no question Dr Gregory Smith’s story is incredible and once you meet or hear his story, something within you shifts. I believe people like Dr Gregory teach us about possibilities, that within all of us is a power to transform. Dr Gregory’s story reminds us all that whoever you are today, you have … More Out of the Woods

Music as Therapy

If you were to choose between being blind or being deaf, what would it be? It’s a tough question to consider but most often weighed up by what you would prefer to sacrifice most – either the ability to see the beauty of the sky, smiles, body language, your dog’s big brown eyes, dolphins… or … More Music as Therapy