Out of the Woods

There is no question Dr Gregory Smith’s story is incredible and once you meet or hear his story, something within you shifts.

I believe people like Dr Gregory teach us about possibilities, that within all of us is a power to transform. Dr Gregory’s story reminds us all that whoever you are today, you have the power to shape and reconstruct and that what we do today influences our tomorrow. I love that quote for two opposing reasons. One it makes you mindful of the now, it doesn’t even mention yesterday, just today influencing your tomorrow and for those always worrying about the future (aka anxiety) it focusses your thought on today and the ‘now’.  The second reason is that it steers away from the immediacy of ‘now’ that our fast-connected society instils, where we have to have it all and right away, this quote speaks of ‘chipping away’ slowly, like an ant building an ants nest or a squirrel saving his nuts for the winter.

So if you haven’t heard or read Dr Gregory’s book ‘Out of the Forest’, perhaps watch the ABC’s Australian Story episode ‘Out of the Woods‘.

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