Meerdogs Debut Album Release

meerdogs2Hardworking Northern Rivers band the Meerdogs have finally emerged from the studio, probably wondering what year it is and hopefully wearing their sunnies.

Made Outta Clay (quintessentially Aussie) is the debut compilation for the tight trio, namely Ben Edwin – Guitar/Vocals, Graham Newman – Bass/Vocals, Jem Nicholls – Drums/Vocals.

There’s a lot of sound coming out of this album, it’s quirky and lyrically irreverent, poking fun at the lighter and sometimes darker things in life – from the day to day chewing of beans to murder and gun laws. Despite some of the cynical pokes at the world and the deeper more sombre opening track Billy Bug, it’s actually really hard not to be happy when you listen to this album. Humming along to various murder scenes in the track  I’m to Blame made me feel like a happy, satisfied psychopath. And that’s gotta be good therapy right?

On Triple J Unearthed they are described as sounding like Jack Johnson, Tame Impala and Bruno Mars. I disagree to be honest, I think their sound is almost Beatles crossed with Arctic Monkeys, but that’s just me. There are so many layers you could probably pick all sorts of influences, even Bruno Mars and Jack Johnson.

Musically the guitar sound really shines, especially in the opening track Billy Bug which has a solo worthy of ripping into some self indulgent air guitar moves. But these guys are long term musical veterans, the sound is sophisticated but also very relatable, as if you are at the gig with them. No surprises there as the band are just as good live as they are recorded.

The Meerdogs will be launching their new album Made Outta Clay at various gigs in Northern NSW and South East Qld so be sure to check them out. Or download their album now on CD Baby Be sure to tell us what you think once you’ve listened to it and if you want to book the Meerdogs for your event, gig or festival Contact us today.

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