Out of the Forest

Recently launching his autobiography Out of the Forest published by Penguin Publishing, Dr Gregory has been touring Australia with Penguin to sell out launch crowds, standing ovations by audiences who have been touched and inspired by his incredible true story, countless radio interviews and newspaper articles. He has also done an interview on Channel 7’s Sunrise Today and will be featured on the ABC’s Australian Story in August.

Out of the Forest is fast becoming a best seller and is currently featured in iBooks ‘What to Read this Month‘ for the month of June.

Dr Gregory’s story is one of immense hope, that no matter how severely disconnected from a true purpose where talents and dreams can be realised, just never let that final little spark hidden deep within die, it can always be re-fanned. Slamming the stereotypes of the homeless and bringing a sharp focus to how institutionalism and childhood abuse can brutally leave a person on the outer rims of ‘civilised’ society, Out of the Forest is a definitive and life-changing read.

Out of the Forest can be found in all good book stores or order online.





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